Birds in My Backyard

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Want to introduce children to the colorful and amusing world of birds?

Out of all of nature’s wonders, birds are chattering, swooping, squawking creatures that kids see every day. Birds in My Backyard is a whimsical introduction to the show going on outdoors.

Learn to look and listen! Each page presents a new bird with a playful, descriptive rhyme: Robins go fishing for worms. Blue jays boss other birds. Hawks play with breezes. And so on.

Children discover new chirping friends with Birds in My Backyard!

This book celebrates colorful birds artistically rendered in imaginative collage. It’s a picture book that entertains while educating.

Birds in My Backyard starts at dawn and ends at dusk, so that kids might “soar with the birds” in their dreams. Like any favorite bedtime story, the book concludes with soothing, enchanting images and text.

While budding bird watchers have fun learning about feathered friends, Birds in My Backyard also boosts language and affective skills, creativity, and cognitive abilities.