Yard Full of Sun by Scott Calhoun

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In spite of living in the Sonoran Desert, renowned gardening expert Scott Calhoun has created a lush and vibrant paradise in his own back yard.

Yard Full of Sun: The Story of a Gardener's Obsession That Got a Little Out of Hand is the perfect guide to extreme gardening and shows that a little dedication can go a long way. If you have ever lived in the desert, or are planning to relocate, Yard Full of Sun will explain:

     • The ins and outs of building your own bungalow
     • Water conservation and collecting rain water in a homemade cistern
     • Soil conditions and how to treat your dirt
     • The importance of landscaping plans and how to make them
     • Plants that thrive in an arid landscape
     • Colors and flowers
     • Cactus: love it? hate it?
     • Creative gardening techniques

And most importantly:

     • There is no shame in scavenging along the side of the road for the perfect seeds.

Yard Full of Sun is a full-bodied gardening adventure meant to inspire you to think beyond the turf and queen palm landscape. This humorous and easy-to-read book chronicles the struggles and triumphs of one family as they design and construct a home and garden in the desert. Exploring gardens from southern Sonora, Mexico to Utah's Great Basin, Southern California to Texas, this is the book to have before creating your own retreat. 60 photographs and illustrations