A Field Guide to Backyard Birds of North America - Rob Hume

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Whether you're just getting started or want to build on your birding knowledge, this handbook provides you with everything you need, making it the perfect companion in the field. Inside: The basics of bird-watching are explained, including when, where, and what to look for, and how to take accurate notes, make sketches, or create your own backyard bird reserve. A fascinating introduction to the amazing world of birds. Includes facts on their anatomy, feathers, calls and postures, courtship, and nests. Chart your findings over 2-years in the unique fill-in logbook, which is filled with tips to get the most out of bird-watching. Over 50 of the most commonly seen United States birds are featured in a comprehensive species catalog. Sized perfectly to fit into a shoulder bag next to your binoculars, A Field Guide to Backyard Birds of North America is the one book you won't want to leave home without.