Birding for Everyone

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Encouraging people of color to become birdwatchers

Award-winning ornithologist and wildlife biologist John C. Robinson has introduced thousands of people all over the world to the joys of bird watching for nearly thirty years. In his latest title, Birding for Everyone, Encouraging People of Color to Become Birdwatchers, he encourages the appreciation of nature through birding. John also explores the curious lack of a minority presence in the birding community and offers new solutions for changing the face of conservation through birding.

Though the National Survey on Recreation and the Environment reports that 82 million enthusiasts enjoy bird watching, a closer look at the demographics reveal a disturbing lack of diversity in terms of race. The phrase "I've never met a black birdwatcher before" has echoed throughout Robinson's career since 1979, but his concern surrounds a larger trend -- few minorities are connected to nature.

Readers will develop a basic knowledge of birds (including their distinctive songs), learn to identify birds using John's inside secret tips, discover birding festivals and tours, find online bird watching resources, read interviews with minority birders and about how to connect with mentors and other birders around the world.