Charley Harper Hummingbirds Folio of Notecards

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Ten 5 x 7 in. blank notecards with envelopes in a decorative folio.

Charley Harper (American, 1922–2007) was an astonishingly versatile artist, fluent in many techniques from brushy abstraction to precise realism. He is best known for his unique style combining straight and curved lines and flat areas of carefully selected color. This elegant, playful style established Harper as an innovative wildlife artist. He once contrasted his own work with the famous engravings of naturalist John James Audubon, saying, “Audubon counted every feather on each wing; I just count the wings.”

Although he painted a full menagerie of creatures, birds were Harper’s most common subject. With their dynamic, arabesque lines, crisp planes of color, and inventive depictions of motion, Harper’s images of birds reflect the artist’s awareness of Cubism, Minimalism, Einsteinian physics, and countless other developments in Modern art and science.

A graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the Art Students League in New York City, Harper is beloved for his unusual sense of humor—reflected in the titles he gave his artwork—and his kind and generous spirit.

Contains five each of the following notecards:
Hummingbird Homemaker
Hummer Hellos


Ten 5 x 7 in. blank notecards with envelopes in a decorative folio.