Curious Critters, Vol. 2, FitzSimmons

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2014.  Signed by author.

n Volume 2 of the award-winning Curious Critters series, photographer David FitzSimmons depicts a variety of animals common throughout North America. See stunning images of everyday animals, including a great-horned owl, American alligator, bluegill, striped skunk, gold-green sweat bee, cave salamander, sidewinder, and many other eye-catching creatures. Each Curious Critter is photographed against a white backdrop, showcasing the animals' colors, textures, shapes, and seeming personalities. Each photo is accompanied with a short narrative, told from the critter's perspective, that educates and entertains. For example, a bilingual armadillo banters about its unique pink protective shell, a click beetle explains its back-bending acrobatics, and a high-flying falcon narrates its death-defying dive.