OLD EDITION - Rainwater Harvesting Volume 2 by Brad Lancaster

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Building on the information presented in Volume 1, this book shows you how to select, place, size, construct, and plant your chosen water-harvesting earthworks. It presents detailed how-to information and variations of a diverse array of earthworks, including chapters on mulch, vegetation, and greywater recycling so you can customize the techniques to the unique requirements of your site.

Real life stories and examples permeate the book, including:
How curb cuts redirect street runoff to passively irrigate flourishing shade trees planted along the street
How check dams have helped create springs and perennial flows in once-dry creeks
How infiltration basins are creating thriving rain-fed gardens
How backyard greywater laundromats are turning "wastewater" into a resource growing food, beauty, and shade that builds community, and more.
How to create simple tools to read slope and water flow
More than 225 black and white illustrations and photographs