Sky Islands: Encountering a Landlocked Archipelago

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by Dan Fischer, local Tucsonan

“Dan L. Fischer—also author of the acclaimed Early Southwest Naturalists, 1528-1900–richly details the natural history of this fascinating and transitional region, both in its early condition (pre-1850) and its alteration over nearly two centuries. He also meticulously depicts the naturalists who gradually revealed its secrets, over the shadowed timeline of history.“ —Jon L. Dunn, Editor of the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America “Sky Islands stirs in the reader a deep sense of wonder for the majestic mountains rising in the desert of southeastern Arizona and the bootheel of New Mexico. Author Dan Fischer, historian and naturalist, combines superb photographs and contemporary wildlife art, with his own personal experiences and depth of knowledge to produce a remarkable book. He fills the void between factual natural history and the human historical perspective, highlighting the travails of determined explorers who, years ago, discovered and described new birds, other wildlife, and plants, often under extreme conditions.” —Stephen M. Russell, Author of The Birds of Sonora and Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona