Swarovski EL 8x32

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Many of us want the high performance of a top tier optic but the weight and size often don’t fit our needs, our face or hands.  After several days at the SEAZ Birding Festival or on a tour through Ecuador, you might find carrying a full size binocular is not for you.  Luckily, Swarovski has an answer. Their EL 8X32 is the best binocular you can buy in this size class and you will be hard-pressed to see any loss of brightness or definition, despite the smaller objective.  The design and materials are the same as their big brother, the EL 10x42, and everyone who comes into the Nature Shop and tries one of these out is astounded at how good they are and how comfortable to hold.  If you are looking to step up to the highest quality, but not the weight and size,  these are the binoculars for you and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.