The Backyard Beekeeper Revised and Updated 3rd Edition

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An absolute beginner's guide to keeping bees in your yard and garden.

3rd Edition includes new materials

  • Safe pest control techniques
  • Top bar hive basics
  • Urban beekeeping tips and tricks
  • 25 rules of modern beekeeping

The Backyard Beekeeper is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to beekeeping for hobbyists, first published in 2005 and revised in 2009. It features how-to advice on setting up colonies, caring for the bees, and harvesting honey. The reader learns how to choose the right location for their bees, from fresh water availability to protection from the elements, and how to include organic/nontoxic options. New to this edition are an expanded section on urban beekeeping, a guide to using top bar hives, and an overview of the latest techniques in the ongoing battle against invasive mites.