USED - Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona

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Discover where and when to find your target species and easily access more than 150 birding locations throughout southeast Arizona with this comprehensive guide. How could you go birding without it? You’ll see more birds and discover great new places to visit when you buy this book.

Use this book to plan a  day of birding or an entire trip. If you are just beginning to bird in southeast Arizona or just looking for a new bird watching plan, the “Planning Your Trip” section offers birding ideas for any length of trip. 

Our book features seasonal bar graphs: these enable you to check the status of any species found in the region during any month. They are simple to use and contain huge amounts of information which the Arizona Bird Committee works to keep current, and we count ourselves fortunate to have their strong support when providing this information through our book. 

The book also includes useful information including:

  • How to prepare for Arizona climate and weather
  • Other species of wildlife to watch for while out birding

New for the Revised Eighth Edition:

  • New birding sites across Southeast Arizona
  • New maps and updated older maps
  • Updated contact information and web addresses
  • Updated information on existing site locations
  • Updated information on entering Mexico
  • Updated IBA (Important Bird Areas) information, including sites
  • Updated bar graphs and species accounts for all species
  • Printed locally on recycled paper using renewable energy