Zonk and the Gray Whales' Birthday Party, Hoobler

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2013.  Zonk joins the biggest birthday party in the world in this humorous and lushly illustrated book. Zonk the desert tortoise that has become a sea tortoise, who travels through the Gulf of California with gray whales, manta rays, leatherback sea turtles, vaquitas, angel fish, and an albatross among others. Hugely entertaining, highly educational and beautiful, this book is appealing to a wide range of children from 2 to 10 years of age. In this book, Zonk is homesick after his long adventure in the Sea of Cortez and tries to find his way back home to the desert. With his new friends Manta Ray, Fish, and Emily the Sea Turtle he searches the Sea of Cortez for the river that has washed him out to sea. Along the way he encounters a gray whale birthday celebration, feather-like nudibranchs (mollusks) who cleverly form themselves into birthday hats and a reef in which he plays hide n seek. These books have a strong environmental under pinning, introducing young readers to a variety of sea creatures in the stories. Additionally there are end page inserts with more information about the places and the creatures involved and their particular status in today s stressed ecosystem.